Information and Rules

League Information:

    Ten (10) Week SCWAU 2017 Winter Season:
    · Start on Sunday – January 8, 2017
    · No games on February 19 and February 26, 2017
    · Season ends on March 26, 2017


    · Game Fees: $32.00/team/game
    · Registration Fee: $300/team

Forfeit Procedure:

    · Contact Esther Hsu and Mike K. Miyashima by Thursday, prior to Sunday’s forfeit date.
    · Have forfeit fees (game fees x 2 = $64) at gym by scheduled game time (or you may leave it the week before in an envelope indicating date of forfeit and details).
    · If the above steps are not followed, a $100 forfeit fee will be applied.

Jersey/Uniform Requirements:

    · Same color jersey is REQUIRED for all players.
    · Note: Navy Blue is NOT Black. Yellow is NOT White.
    · Permanent numbers on both sides.

Special Requests:

    May or may not be honored this season, pending the SCWAU Board’s approval. Complete schedules will be released at least one week prior to the first game. Please take this into consideration when planning vacations, tournaments, etc.