Rules & Eligibility

SCWAU Eligibility

Participation is privilege not a right. Games are to be played within the rules that are deemed by the SCWAU Board. The board reserves the right to refuse participation by any one. All games will be played with integrity and sportsmanship.

  1. The SCWAU League is open to any female who is over eighteen (18) years of age (or has graduated from high school) and is of Japanese ancestry.
  2. Japanese Ancestry:
    Defined as a person whose parents, one or both, are at least half Japanese. Birth certificates for a new player having a non-Japanese surname by marriage, non- or part-Japanese parent or grandparent must be submitted to the Commissioner, with the full names of all relevant individuals, before the participant can be declared eligible. In all cases in question, proper documentation will be required to demonstrate the necessary Japanese ancestry.
  3. Non-Japanese Rule:                                                                                              
    1. Exceptions to the Japanese ancestry eligibility rule (non-Japanese):
      1. Children, regardless of race, legally adopted by parents, one or both, who are at least half Japanese are considered to be Japanese. The birth certificate for this player is required.
      2. Any player whose parents, one or both, are full-blooded Chinese or Korean are eligible. The birth certificate for this player is required.
      3. Non-Japanese players, who have participated in the JAO or SEYO leagues from midgets through seniors, may petition for eligibility. Participation confirmation can consist of league results from the Rafu Shimpo, published roster in at least three consecutive years of tournament booklets, a letter from JAO/SEYO president and team coach verification.
      4. Any “non-Japanese” rostered player who has played in SCWAU prior to 2012, will be “grandfathered” in as a “non-Japanese” player. Teams with players who are “grandfathered” in, MUST still abide by all eligibility rules.
      5. Three (3) non-Japanese (maximum) permitted for all non-AA division teams.
      6. Four (4) non-Japanese (maximum) permitted for the AA division.
      7. High school varsity players must play in the Aye Plus or AA divisions for the first five years after lettering. Players may petition to play on a lower level before the five years have lapsed.
      8. College players must play in the AA division for the first five years after lettering. Players may petition to play on a lower level before the five years have lapsed.
      9. Players may not compete in the SCWAU during conflicting JAO, SEYO, CIF or NCAA seasons.
      10. Players can only play for one SCWAU team during a season.
      11. The SCWAU Board will review all petitions and has the final decision on all exceptions.

    Risk and Liability

    All persons will sign an assumption of risk and liability form. This will be kept on file. It is the responsibility of the individual to update the form as needed.

    Eligibility Questions:

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